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TAPES + Fasteners

Tapes and fasteners are an important part of any insulation job. These items help to secure and seal your insulation. There are a variety of ways to secure insulation and it’s important to be able to get the right one for the job.

Every type of tape and fastener for the job.

All Service jacket (asj)

All service jacket (ASJ) tape is specifically designed to match the jacketing on fiberglass pipe insulation. This tape is used to seal the butt joints on fiberglass duct and pipe insulation. It is antimicrobial to prevent outside bacterial and fungal growth. Its adhesive is designed to be put on in cold weather in temperatures as low as 0° F. It comes in 3” and 4” wide. They come in a 25’ roll for your small jobs or a 50 yd roll for your larger jobs.

Foil scrim kraft (fsk)

Foil scrim kraft (FSK) tape is designed to match the FSK backing that can be put on insulation with a FSK backing. It is a durable tape that is puncture and tear resistant. This tape can be used in temperatures ranging from -20° to 260° F. It comes in rolls that are 3” and 4” wide by 50yd long. 

Duct tape

Duct tape is a general-purpose tape used for securing, repairing, and holding. It offers excellent adhesion to most services. It comes in 2” wide by 180’ long rolls. It comes in grey, grey printed, black, and white.

gaffer's tape

Gaffer’s tape is a durable cloth tape used to seal the seams of elastomeric foam insulation. It has a high tack and tensile strength making it durable for uses in the HVAC and Plumbing industries. It comes in black to match the elastomeric foam and is 2” wide by 60 yds long. 

Stainless steel thumb tacks

Stainless steel thumb tacks are a serrated thumb tack to help with ease of installation for PVC fitting covers. These thumb tacks are painted white to blend in with the PVC. They come in a 500-count box or a 100-count bottle for any size job that you have. 


Staples are used to seal fiberglass pipe insulation as well as fiberglass duct wrap. These are compatible with the outward clenching staple guns. We stock them in ½” wide but can order other widths. They come in a pack of 5000 staples. 


Cup head pins

Cup head pins are a weld pin that are used in a commercial and industrial applications to secure fiberglass insulation board in place. They are made of a low carbon steel and come in varying lengths to fit your insulation needs. 


weld pins

Weld pins are a flat pin used to secure duct liner to the inside of the metal duct work in HVAC systems. They have a sharp tip to ensure good contact with the sheet metal that makes for a better weld. These pins are made of carbon alloy steel and come in varying lengths to fit the thickness of duct liner that you need.  

PVC Tape

PVC Tape is a flexible polyvinyl chloride film coated with a strong adhesive backing. It comes 1 ½” wide with a 5 mil thickness that can be applied both indoors and outdoors. It has an effective installed range of 0° F to 150° F. This tape is designed to match white PVC jacketing and fittings to seal the ends and create a cohesive look.  

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